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Transportation Resume Example & Writing Guide

A proven job specific resume example + writing guide for landing your next job in 2022. You can edit this Transportation resume example to get a quick start and easily build a perfect resume in just a few minutes. Just fill in your details, download your new resume & start your job application today!
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Transportation Resume Example & Writing Guide
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Transportation resume example & writing guide

Ready to fast track your career? An impressive transportation resume will help drive your job hunt directly to the interview you want. Resume.io can help you get behind the wheel with our powerful tool for job seekers, including writing guides, resume examples for 300+ professions and an easy-to-use resume builder.

This resume guide, along with the corresponding transportation resume example will cover the following topics:

  • What does a transportation professional do?
  • How to write a transportation resume (tips and tricks)
  • The best format for a transportation resume
  • Advice on each section of your resume (summary, work history, education, skills)
  • Professional resume layout and design hints.

What does a transportation professional do?

Transportation professionals move people and goods from place to place. They may be pilots, train operators, truck, bus, limo or taxi drivers or seafarers.

Some work on the same route all the time, while others travel wherever their customers need them to. They may simply be driving a passenger from one place in a town to another or they may be shipping containers of goods around the world.

Transportation workers are responsible for the safety and security of their cargo or passengers as they try to be as time-efficient as possible. Some transportation professionals work in logistics, or the efficient planning and procurement of transportation for products and materials.


Not all transportation professionals operate the vehicle. In addition to logistics professionals, here are some other jobs that don’t put you behind the driver’s seat:

  • Flight attendant
  • Maintenance workers
  • Dispatcher
  • Loading dock worker
  • Warehouse worker
  • Safety inspector
  • Air traffic controller

Transportation job market and outlook

The level of future demand for your work depends on whether you ride the rails, the roads, the skies or the seas. 

As the population in the transportation and warehousing sector enters retirement age, more jobs will open up in this area. About a quarter of all transportation workers are at least 55 years old. That figure leaps to 42% for transit workers, the U.S. Department of Transportation reports.

The segments of the transportation market that will grow more slowly than average are railroad workers, for whom demand is expected to grow 5% from 2020-2030, and heavy and tractor-trailor truck drivers at 6% the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts. Passenger vehicle drivers such as public or school buses and cabs will leap 25%. For airline and commercial pilots, demand will grow 13%; truck drivers and water transportation workers, 12%. 


How much do transportation workers earn?

Here are the top five salaries.*


Median salary

Airline and commercial pilots


Air traffic controllers


Railroad workers


Water transportation workers


Flight attendants


*Source: U.S. Labor Bureau


How to write a transportation resume

Before you crank up the engine, you have to know your route. Your transportation resume also has a roadmap. Here’s what your CV must contain:

  • The resume header
  • The resume summary (aka profile or personal statement)
  • The employment history section
  • The resume skills section
  • The education section

Your next job is to research the company you wish to work for so that you can address its needs in the proper tone and style. Each business has its own culture and philosophy and it’s in your best interest to understand that so you can make your best case for employment.

A transportation resume that hits the ground running uses consistent messaging, tone and style throughout. Follow these guidelines to make the most of your transportation CV:

  • Direct your message and choose the achievements you highlight with the specific job in mind.
  • Develop a polished visual first impression with a resume template that looks neat and professional.
  • Personalize your resume to take the ATS into account.


Another hurdle: The Applicant Tracking System

Applicant Tracking Systems, or ATS, are software programs that scan, sort and assess resumes for human resources departments. The organizations you apply to are likely to use one of these systems to narrow the range of candidates to a manageable few.

There’s no guaranteed method of leaping this hurdle, but there are ways to improve your chances. This is where your research will help you. Review the listing for the job requirements. Organically incorporate as many of the same nouns, verbs and modifiers in your resume text as possible. Make sure you use your own language and context. You want the text of your construction resume to flow naturally and to have your voice.

Choosing the best resume format for transportation

The tried-and-true reverse chronological order format is your best bet here. This means you list your jobs starting with the most recent and working back about 10 years. Recruiters are fond of this style because they know where to look for your jobs and responsibilities. Using this format will also help you when the ATS scans your resume since it is looking for standard sections.

If you are new to the workforce or are a seasoned professional, you may consider a hybrid format or other resume format options. A functional resume format is used mostly by technical specialists who want to emphasize their expert knowledge or skills. You may consider it if you are in a highly niche transportation area.

Unless you fit those circumstances, your best bet is reverse chronological order since it shows hiring managers where you’ve worked and the skills you’ve learned on the job.

Resume summary example: light your path

The summary section, also known as the profile, may be the most challenging part of your transportation resume to write. In it, you introduce yourself and your career, give a hint about your personality and work style and explain why you are the right person for the job. All in 3-4 lines of text.

Don’t be afraid to fly a little high here. Modesty has its place, but don’t sell yourself short or you won’t reach your destination. Consider this structure:

  1. A one sentence overview of your career
  2. A 1-2 line story that highlights your greatest achievement
  3. A sentence that reveals a bit about you, such as why you got into the field or what excites you about the job for which you are applying.

Consider writing this section last. Your employment history and skills sections may help you pinpoint your message.


If you want to read over more resume samples before you get started and you fly for a living, try our airline pilot or pilot resume examples. We also offer a flight attendant resume example. If you travel on the road, we have a bus driver or driver resume sample. Finally, for rail riders, we have a train operator resume sample and for seadogs, a seaman resume sample.

You can find a resume example for your summary section below.

Example goes here

Employment history sample: the road to success

Your prospective employer wants to know how you have contributed to the jobs you have already had. That means you should create bullet points that highlight your achievements instead of merely listing your responsibilities.

Here you should start each bullet item with a strong action verb. Following it with a description of exactly what you did and your results. Remember, your resume really isn’t about you. It’s about your prospective employer. You want the message to be: “See, I understand your problems and here is how I avoid potholes (or turbulence, storms or debris on the rails). I can do this and more for you!”

Expert tip:

Use the STAR method to detail your career successes. Tell what the work Situation was and the Task you were assigned. Describe the Actions you took and detail the Results you achieved. Use data to back up your assertions whenever possible.

Below you will find an adaptable employment history resume example.

Example goes here

CV skills example: the view from above

The skills section of your transportation CV is an at-a-glance look at what you bring to your job. It’s purpose is twofold: It allows recruiters to see quickly whether you have the skills they want in a candidate and it allows you to announce what you think is more important for the work at hand.

No matter what area of transportation you work in, you need attention to detail, focus and commitment to safety and protocol. Create a mix of 4-7 attributes that includes your technical abilities and your knowledge of the rules of the road (sea, sky, rails), but don’t neglect soft skills such as time management, communication and organization.


Remember the ATS. This is a great section to get in the keywords and phrases your prospective employer (and the ATS) is looking for.

Below you will find a skills section resume sample.

  • Customer Service Skills
  • Effective Time Management
  • Communication Skills
  • Knowledge of Traffic Laws and Regulations
  • Highly Motivated
  • Safe Driving Practices
  • Honesty and Integrity

Transportation education resume example

A high school education may have been enough to set you on the path to your transportation career. That makes your education section straightforward. Simply list your high school diploma or GED. If you do have any further education, list it here as well. 

For transportation careers that require specialized training, include all your certifications and training experiences. Of course, if you have a bachelor’s degree or higher, those should be included as well.

Below you will find an education resume example as a formatting guide.

Associate of Arts in Communications, SUNY Westchester Community College, Valhalla

Sep, 2016- Aug, 2018

High School Diploma, New Rochelle High School, New Rochelle

Sep, 2012- May, 2016

Resume layout and design: smooth sailing

The key to a great resume layout and design is ease of reading. You want to keep it clean, neat and organized so that recruiters can quickly scan for important information.

The look of your transportation resume is also the first impression hiring managers will get. Your visual message should be that you take your job hunt seriously and you will take your job seriously as well. Use your contact information and section headings as the graphic elements of your design. Make sure you leave plenty of white space by varying your line lengths and using standard 1-inch margins.

Avoid bumps in the road by using a resume template to ensure that your layout is eye-catching and functional. 



  • Choose a page design that is appropriate for your job title – simple is usually better.
  • Create a header section that will highlight your name and contact information.
  • Keep a balance of white space to text.


  • Submit your resume without proofreading for spelling and grammar mistakes.
  • Add too much color, icons or design elements.
  • Use more than two different font styles on one resume.

Key takeaways for a transportation resume

  • Because of an aging transportation workforce, most job hunters will have plenty of opportunities.
  • Personalize each resume to help you leap over the ATS hurdle.
  • Add action verbs, numbers and statistics to show your impact in the employment history section.
  • Check out our transportation resume sample for more ideas on creating a stand-out page design.
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Build your resume in 15 minutes
Build your resume in 15 minutes
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